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Sky High Farm Workwear

Garden Embroidered Shirt Blue

Garden Embroidered Shirt Blue


The title of the Fall / Winter 2023 collection, “El Mundo es Un Pañuelo”, translates to “The World is a Napkin”, or, loosely, to the familiar phrase “It’s a Small World.” We all live as neighbors here in our one small world, and being a good neighbor means helping each other attain what we need to live well, however we can.

Central to living well - for anyone, anywhere - is access to fresh, nutritious food. So Sky High Farm Workwear was created with a provocation: “What if fashion & quality goods helped create a more equitable food system?” In pursuit of such a reality, the brand sits squarely at the intersection of capitalism and philanthropy, using both to support Sky High Farm 501(c)(3).

This season, SHFWW invited Editor-in-Chief of i-D, creative director and stylist, Alastair McKimm, international costume designer and stylist, Heidi Bivens, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar U.S., Samira Nasr, and artist, graphic designer and avid collector, Shana Sadeghi-Ray, to collaborate on pieces within the core collection, creatively directed by artist Dan Colen. Artist Marc Armitano Domingo, a long-time friend and collaborator of SHFWW, worked with our team to help conceive the themes and bring them to life in the pieces.

The collection considers the way ideas migrate around this small world through references to both globalization and interconnectedness, allegories of good and evil, and playful takes on agriculture (both the blessing and the curse of the modern and ancient worlds), explored through camouflage made of flowers from five different continents, charms from around the world, Sadeghi-Ray’s napkin collages, and, of course, a refreshed rendering of the brand’s namesake workwear.

  • 51% Linen, 49% Viscose

Every piece sold from the Sky High Farm collection contains a donation to Sky High Farm to further it’s mission to improve food access and sustainable agriculture.

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