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Hurt Lover Varsity V-Neck Knitted Sweater

Hurt Lover Varsity V-Neck Knitted Sweater



ERL Fall / Winter 2023 tells the cinematic story of corruption and generational wealth,  how it morphs and breaks a family apart. The story starts on the Oregon trail, the family finding gold and striking it rich. Their descendants in San Francisco in the ‘70s blowing through their trust funds - eventually becoming sellouts as an investment banker during the housing crisis, and later, turning into Wall Street anarchists.

The storytelling of the full collection is broken into three movements, from the origins out west to modern day. 

The complex artwork for the collection was inspired by 1970’s iron-on graphics. Applique and heat transfers that mimic DIY 70’s fashion. Handmade patchwork created through collage. Easy rider graphics and ephemera from Dennis Hopper’s films, which are an homage to the historical Hopper Compound in Venice, California - now home to ERL’s new studio space.

The psychedelic range of colours in the collection provide an acid trip mash up that is completely unexpected and unique. 

  • Fall / Winter 2023
  • Oversized fit
  • Acrylic 35%, Wool 34%, Alpaca 16%, Polyamide 13%, Mohair 1%, Elastane 1%
  • Made in Italy
Measurements (cm) Chest Shoulders Sleeve Back Length
Small 66
Medium 68
Large 69
Extra Large 70 70 62 75