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Card Suite Striped Shirt

Card Suite Striped Shirt



Rassvet 13 - “Lucky Strike”

For their 13th drop, Tolya Titaev and the Rassvet skate team wanted to bring us along for a ride into the realm of luck.

Through their use of cabaret graphics,  good fortune illustrations and gambling classics, they discovered a new playing field disseminated throughout staple Rassvet shapes and comfortable streetwear styles that we have come to know and love season after season.

Rassvet is the ideal skater wardrobe: Designed by skater, for everyone. The brand is built on international friendship between team riders and staff. It is very important to the team to deliver a peaceful and positive message through the collection, hence the introduction of the dove graphic.

  • Fall / Winter 2023
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Portugal