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Youths In Balaclava

Coin Pants Black

Coin Pants Black


Youths in Balaclava their Spring / Summer 2023 “Merah Kaisar” seeks inspiration in from their native Nusantara region, a South-East Asian archipelago. The archipelagic nature of maritime South-East Asia meant that the sea sas the most efficient mode of transport within the region, so it’s no surprise that the people of Nusantara were known to be excellent seafarers. In this collection, the Youths in Balaclava team combined the styles, silhouettes and details of the clothes worn by the people of Nusantara and weaved it into their own unique interpretation.

The collection features embroidery detailing as well as various trimmings for various garments, some of which include coins created specifically for the collection. Floral shank buttons, antique silver snap buttons and YIB’s own floral zipper are among the few new hardwares used. In order to achieve a more textured look uneven yarn brushed cotton for most t-shirts is used. The prints are inspired by batik, which is an ancient Indonesian art form; a nod to the crafts and techniques used in the region.

  • 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester