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Dries van Noten

Phibbs Swimwear Blue Floral

Phibbs Swimwear Blue Floral



“The Zazous in Paris in the 1940s, and Buffalo in London in the 1980s. Both were in periods which weree a bit similar. Hard times. So we wanted to make our own version of that.” Dries van Noten said he’d been researching male subcultures for inspiration this season.

The Zazous were underground rebels who dressed loudly, frequented bars and jazz clubs, and defied the Nazi occupation of Paris. Buffalo was the subversive British style movement founded by Ray Petri in the times of Margaret Thatcher.

  • Spring / Summer 2023
    Measurements (cm) Waist
    Rise Thigh Length
    Small  36~40 27 32 38
    Medium  38~42 28 34 40
    Large  42~46 29 36 40.5