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Blackpepper Eau de Parfum

Blackpepper Eau de Parfum


An electric collision of molecules: the crash of spicy pepper seeds suspended within in nite darkness. A resonant reverberation of dynamic intensity. Spice, seen through the transformative gaze of Comme des Garçons.

  • Warm, dry Madagascan Pepper cracks against fiery Cedarwood.
  • Rich, fragrant Akigalawood (Patchouli, Agarwood) fuses with the caramel resin of Tonka Bean. 
  • Precious seeds and opulent woods blend in blazing harmony, laced with a musky accord. 
  • 100 ml

A profound reinvention of familiar exoticism: spice is deconstructed, destabilized, decoded.


Due to international transport restrictions Perfumes can only be delivered to countries within the European Union.