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Youths In Balaclava

Unmoving But All Seeing T-Shirt White

Unmoving But All Seeing T-Shirt White



Coming up out of sunny Singapore, the Youths In Balaclava tribe presents their AW21 collection, titled “SCARECROWS”, which roots itself in the mysticism of a somewhat elusive and unheard-of narrative. Teetering on the border of the uncanny valley, the collection invites you to imagine how you would feel if you were an old worn-in scarecrowbursting at the seamsbut cursed to forever be stuck in the middle of the cornfield. Forced to only play the observer and thus burdened with wisdom, the scarecrow seems to understand and has come to accept his symbolic role as a totem of death. A constant reminder of the fear of starvation and withering out: feelings shared between both the side of the crows and farmers.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Boxy fit

Measurements (cm) Chest
Sleeve  Back Length 
54 47.5 28 68
56 49 29 71.5
Large 57.5 51.5 30 73.5
Extra Large 60 54 30.5 74.5