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UNDERCOVER by Jun Takahashi Rizzoli Book

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UNDERCOVER by Jun Takahashi

UNDERCOVER by Jun Takahashi


The first comprehensive book on the work of Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, an icon of Harajuku streetwear and the presumptive heir to the heavy mantle of Japanese deconstruction. Jun Takahashi’s fashion is not born out of an excessively intellectualised agenda. While not quite populist, his generative influences are instead romantic - even gothic.

A fixture of the Paris collection for more than ten year - plus seventeen uninterrupted season in Tokyo prior to that - Takahashi’s life’s work confirms a maturation from self-conscious artifice and rebel pastiche to a steely, withering elegance all his own. Hailing from Gunma Prefecture like his friend NIGO (founder of A Bathing Ape), Takahashi’s long association with the undisputed king of Ura-Harajuku in the early 1990s is now the stuff of local fashion lore. But Takahashi would blaze an entirely different path to legend and notoriety. The violent rending and hasty reassembly that characterised his early work, its calculated imperfections and sutured seams, have given way to collections that he himself now calls “sexy and feminine”. UNDERCOVER is insightfully curated with fashion-filled chapters devoted to Jun’s sketches, graphic work, collaborations, and most innovative design to date. Lavishly illustrated with more than 200 photographs and in-depth essays by fashion writers, curators and colleagues, this book gives readers first time acces into Jun’s UNDERCOVER, one of the most desired and multidimensional clothing lines in contemporary fashion.