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STREET Paris Fashion Week 1987-1996

STREET Paris Fashion Week 1987-1996


STREET was Japanese photographer Shoichi Aoki’s magazine before he created Fruits. First launched in 1985, STREET was the original street fashion document. Bill Cunningham would do a similar thing for the New York Times and Paper magazine but Cunningham was accredited and had access to the shows. Aoki was on the outside. He photographed people waiting for shows. The audience, the press and often the fashion kids like himself. Fans on the outside.

The new IDEA book is a collection of Aoki’s favourite photographs from a decade of Paris Fashion Weeks 1987-1996. There is only one picture from an actual show. Kate Moss topless for Vivienne Westwood eating an ice cream.

Every other picture is from the outside. Yes there are well known editors and stylists and designers but they are all off duty / on duty in that way that fashion people always are. There are some extraordinary looks - Aoki was always drawn to the outrageous - but there are also some more subtle signs of the times.

See overleaf for some of our favourites. It is almost impossible to choose. The book is 180 pages of unstaged, not posed, fashion photography perfection. And not a blogger among them!

  • 180 Pages
  • Soft Cover