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Richard Habberley Memorabilia

Richard Habberley Memorabilia


The latest publication by IDEA is Memorabilia by Richard Habberley which features unseen images of the London scene in the early eighties. Right now, in 2019, Richard is based in New York and is one of the top model agens in the world, with Naomi Cambell and Adwoa Aboah as clients just to name a few. In 1980, he had just left home. Michael Clark was his first boyfriend and the soon to be very famous Boy George was his flatmate. He was sixteen.

Richard personel pictures from the early eighties form an amazing document of the dressing up and going out and the highs and lows of a London scene that moved fast from mod, to skinheads, to punk, New Wave and New Romantic. It is a snapshot photo album of Fat Tony, Sue Tilley, Leigh Bowery, Marilyn and Boy George et al: all the hairstyles and the clothes.