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Purienne Jeux de Peau

Purienne Jeux de Peau


The title of the book, Jeux de Peau, is also the name of a house set in the hills above Beachwood Canyon. A clear view of the Hollywood sign to one side, and, out over the swimming pool, Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles is laid out like a map. Jeux de Peau is Purienne’s home.

Henrik Purienne is the photographer. The women he photographs are his models and friends. The interiors, furniture and design objects his own. He has AIS (Aesthetic Irritability Syndrome) - the best part of that being - it’s his own made up label! Everything has to be perfect. Everything is perfectly, brilliantly, composed. 

  • Embossed softcover in card slipcase
  • 22 cm x 30cm
  • 224 pages
  • Edition of 1000