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MY ARCHIVE Hiroki Nakamura

MY ARCHIVE Hiroki Nakamura


Since stating that he received a great deal of inspiration from vintage items, including traditional crafts from around the world, for his manufacturing concepts, Hiroki Nakamura, visvim’s creative director, has continued to introduce many of his favorite items in the popular series featured in POPEYE magazine starting from 2012. The items covered throughout the series don’t belong to any specific categories and were all created in different eras and places. From Native American leather moccasins, to a natural dyed blanket from Tibet, a hat worn by a minority ethnic group in Ethiopia, an umbrella used by shepherds in Alaska to a firefighter’s short coat from the Edo period... A sense of “handcrafted beauty” can be felt in all of the items introduced by Nakamura.

Over 50 rare items that embody visvim’s philosophy of thoroughly digging up and deeply pursuing each and every manufacturing process from the design, to the fabrics, patterns, stitching and finishing, have been included in the book, along with commentary from Nakamura himself. The book also features new specifically created content that has not been published by POPEYE magazine.