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iD Magazine #351 - The Radical Issue

iD Magazine #351 - The Radical Issue


Titled The Radical Issue, spring 2018 is guest edited by fashion critic Charlie Porter and celebrates the fascinating faces -- old and young, familiar and new, all visionary -- who are at the frontlines of changing culture for the better. They are out here dismantling exclusionary structures in art, music, fashion and film. Getting rid of the old gate keepers, stimulating deep thought about the cultural world we inhabit, and questioning what creativity looks like in 2018.

“The issue started with a general theme of art, but soon expanded to consider ideas of breaking the establishment,” Charlie writes. The Radical Issue features a collection of fiercely individual artists across generations, from Joan Jonas and Lubaina Himid, to Paul Maheke and George Henry Longly; and in fashion we delight in the singular and wonderful personalities of Rei Kawakubo, Grace Wales Bonner and Andre Walker, some of the industry’s most most thoughtful rebels.