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COMME des GARCONS Homme Plus

Extended Shirt Black

Extended Shirt Black


The Existence of Flowers

Flowers are not there only for happy times.

They exist also for tough, sorrowful and painful times.

Even a tiny roadside flower can heal our shredded heart.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan


For Spring / Summer 2022 Rei Kawakubo reached out to Travis Bedel aka Bedelgeuse, a 31 year old collage artists who creates astounding anatomical collages that splice together bones and organs with flowers. His collage work, mostly a hybrid of analog and digital techniques takes on a surrealist quality as human anatomy seamlessly intertwines with crystals, flowers and feathers.

Deeply moved by the mysteries and potentialities of the human body, Bedelgeuse's work revels in the relationship between humanity and nature. His mixed media collages illustrate the fragility of the human psyche and it's fleeting beauty.

Bedelgeuse's work bend toward the melancholic: "Most of my work represents love, loss and letting go."

Measurements Chest Shoulders
Sleeve Length
Extra Small
72 60 57 110
75 62 59 115
78 64 61 120
Large 81 66 63 125