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Medicom Toy

BE@RBRICK Keith Haring #4 400% 100% set

BE@RBRICK Keith Haring #4 400% 100% set


Fourth Keith Haring BE@RBICK by Medicom Toy. This time, the Japanese toymaker has emblazoned the figure with visuals modeled afters Haring’s untitled artworks.  Glossed with a slew of bending lines and curved stick figures, the graphics cover every inch of the figure. Other motifs like bold “X” marks, zig-zags and squiggly shapes are reminiscent of the artists’s signature style that overtook New York’s street art in the 1980s. As a final touch, crisp white indents at the toes have been applied to offset the busy patterns, while providing a sense of depth.

  • 70 & 280 MM / 100 & 400% set
  • Water Printed